Herzog College Scholarship Fund

Education is the key to unlocking the potential for excellence in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. Herzog College is training tomorrow’s teachers to build the future of the Jewish people. Scholarships unlock the door to enable many of Israel’s best and brightest students to enter the field of education and become qualified teachers.

In Israel, as in many other countries, becoming a teacher is not a popular career option. Scholarships are necessary to help attract and retain exceptional students, and also to assist those from low socioeconomic backgrounds or who experience economic hardship.

Because most students in Israel start college after their national service, in the IDF or elsewhere, many of them are married and raising families while completing their academic studies. This limits their ability to support themselves and their families while studying and adds significantly to their financial stress.

Herzog College believes that we need to do whatever we can to ensure that the best qualified teachers graduates and become successful classroom teachers. We have been cutting budget from other areas to fund our Scholarship Fund, but additional funding is required to ensure that we can meet the financial needs of our neediest students.

Herzog College offers scholarships to:

  • Young men who have completed three years of army service in the IDF
  • Young women who have completed their National Service program
  • Ethiopian students, whether recent immigrants or second generation
  • Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and peripheral communities experiencing economic hardship.
  • Haredi men and women – click here for details of our Haredi Scholarship Program

Partner with our Students

Due to budgetary constraints, Herzog College is not able to provide scholarship funding to all the deserving students who request our support. We invite partners who share our vision and ideals to join our students on their academic journey. With your help, we can ease the financial burden of our most financially vulnerable students and support all who want to become teachers to complete their training.

B.Ed. Bachelor of Education degree program:  $3,000 per year

M.Ed. Master of Education degree program:  $4,100 per year

For more information about these exciting dedication opportunities, or to discuss capital development projects at Herzog College, please contact our Director of Strategic Development, Avydan Bader at avydanb@herzog.ac.il  or call +972-52-464-6614.



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