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Herzog College's Educational Leadership Programs

At Herzog we recognize the many challenges facing Israel’s education system, including the high rate of attrition and burn-out among new teachers. The perceived low status of teachers in Israeli society often results in talented educators – both new and experienced – leaving the education sector in favor of more lucrative or prestigious professions. 

This has also resulted in a shortage of well-trained and enthusiastic teachers who can be promoted to executive and managerial roles. Teachers who are promoted often find the job too stressful and retire after only a few years in a leadership position. Teachers in groups that perceive themselves as living on the margins of Israeli society face additional challenges, feeling under-represented and marginalized in positions of influence.

Gvahim Educational Leadership Program

Our Leadership Development Program takes groups of experienced educators and helps them to become outstanding teachers who are prepared to take on leadership roles within the Israeli school system and beyond. At the start of each academic year, we provide suitably qualified and experienced educators with guidance through personal coaching and mentoring, encouraging them to initiate and develop goals to advance their professional careers, while upholding the values of the community that they serve.

The program runs groups in the southern and central regions of Israel and in Jerusalem, plus a group for teachers of at-risk and disadvantaged children, and the ‘Aleka’ leadership program exclusively for teachers from Israel’s Ethiopian community.

Group participants study models of theoretical leadership, engage in group workshops to acquire practical skills and tools, meet and learn from entrepreneurs and trailblazers who have made a real change in their respective fields and communities, and undertake individual practicum of educational initiatives.

Each cohort enjoys regional seminars, experiential field trips, and an inter-group seminar with follow-up sessions for graduates. There is also a networking group for program, so they can stay in touch, share ongoing experiences, and support one another on their professional journeys.

The Aleka Ethiopian Leadership Program

Aleka means ‘leader’ in Amharic. The Aleka Ethiopian Leadership Program was created at the specific request of program participants, who felt that the needed a distinct space to full express their shared Ethiopian history, culture, and experiences.  In the first year, the group dealt with questions of personal and professional identity. The safe space created in the group encouraged participants to share their individual stories. The consensus was that the Ethiopian community must have advocates with direct influence over legislation, social programs, budgets and resources, and other decisions that affect their day to day lives.

In order to create an inclusive platform for personal development, each member of the group was assigned a mentor to advise and guide them throughout the entire year.  As a whole, the Aleka group formed a supportive team to cope with the challenge of diversity in Israeli society, and to encourage breaking stigmas, stereotypes and glass ceilings.  The short-term goal is to introduce Aleka program participants into positions of influence and authority, and to promote appropriate representation of the Ethiopian community within the public sector, particularly in educational administration. Ultimately, the program aims to effect change within Israeli society, modelling social leadership for future generations.

Feedback from participants has been uniformly positive, and the program has already proven successful in terms of impact. Several group members have been promoted within their respective schools or districts, serving as supervisors, mentors and administrators. Recently, an Aleka graduate obtained a placement as Director of Adult Education in the Haifa District.

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Annual cost of Herzog’s Educational Leadership Program: $350,000

Amount outstanding for 2022-23 Leadership Program: $96,000

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