Upgrading the Herzog College Libraries

All the students who study at Herzog College rely on the academic library facilities in order to complete their studies and also to carry out research in their specialist subjects. Our libraries are important learning hubs on each of our campuses, and they are also available to the wider community on request.

Students and researchers can access academic materials on all the degree subjects taught in the College, with a strong focus on topics relating to pedagogy, Jewish education, and religious Zionism. The College has invested in cutting-edge digitization and library access technologies, so that students and academic staff can access materials from any campus or from home.

Click here for details of our libraries and their opening times.

Goals for the Hechal Shlomo Library in Jerusalem

  • To collect a broad selection of the latest printed and digital literature relating to the syllabuses of all relevant academic subjects, in order to support the Masters-level and graduate students learning at the Hechal Shlomo campus.
  • To expand our collections of printed and digital literature relating to Torah learning, Jewish education, and religious Zionism, for the benefit of our students and the wider community.
  • To provide technological support services to all students, and to engage and train a team of professional library staff to offer these services.
  • To create a conducive space for learning and cultural activities in the center of Jerusalem, including enrichment programs for youth, and educational programs in conjunction with the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art.
  • To build and equip special climate-controlled rooms to house unique collections of manuscripts and other historical documents that have been gifted to the College, so that they can be preserved and accessed by scholars.

Dedication Opportunities at the Hechal Shlomo Herzog College Library

  • Refurbishing the entire Library:                  $310,000
  • New furniture for the Library:                     $260,000
  • New digital technology for the Library:    $130,000
  • Planning, design & installation stages:     $270,000
    Total Cost of Renovating the Library: $970,000
  • Acquisition of Books                                       $200,000
  • Digital Learning Resources (5 years)          $260,000
  • Personnel Costs (5 years)                              $1,300,000

(Cost estimates based on 3.8 NIS to the U.S. Dollar, and subject to revision.)

For more information about these exciting dedication opportunities and to discuss other capital development projects at Herzog College, please contact our Director of Strategic Development, Avydan Bader at avydanb@herzog.ac.il  or call +972-52-464-6614.


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