Academic Opportunities for the Advancement of Haredi Education in Israel

The majority of Haredi teachers currently teaching in sectoral schools do not have academic or professional qualifications. This seriously limits their efficacy in the classroom, their career opportunities, and their earning potential. Haredi students require an appropriate academic environment that is gender-separate and respectful of their religious traditions. As a religious teacher training institution, Herzog College is uniquely paced to fulfil these needs.

With 850 Haredi students currently enrolled on our B.Ed. and M.Ed. degree courses and studying to obtain teacher training certificates, our programs are expanding year on year. Our lecturers teach Haredi women on the Navat campus in Jerusalem, and the Haredi men’s programs take place at our flagship Hechal Shlomo campus.

Herzog College Navat Yisrael Campus
Herzog College Navat Yisrael Campus

Haredi Scholarship Programs

Most of the Haredi students who sign up for academic degrees at Herzog College are married, teaching and raising their own children while completing their studies. Their families are either unwilling or unable to provide any tuitions assistance, and there is a dearth of public scholarship funding available to this population. Many are forced to take out loans to cover the cost of tuition, and many drop out without completing their degree because of the extreme financial pressures. Hundreds more Haredi teachers who dream of earning an academic degree and becoming a qualified teacher never even apply because of the intimidating costs involved.

Herzog College’s scholarship programs help to improve the socio-economic status of Haredi teachers and enable them to integrate successfully into general Israeli society. They provide Haredi men with unparalleled opportunities to advance their careers on-par with their non-Haredi counterparts, in a learning environment that is culturally comfortable.

Empowering Haredi men and women to earn teaching degree is a key component of Herzog’s vision to enhance the professionalism of teachers in all Israeli schools, and to make a real impact on the traditional, religious Zionist and ultra-Orthodox education systems. These programs are making an important contribution to the positive changes taking place in Haredi society, with a ripple-effect on schools, workplaces and communities across Israel’s religious and cultural spectrum.

Click here to find out about Herzog’s educational leadership programs for teachers in secular schools.

Haredi Teachers Scholarship Fund

Herzog College partners with various scholarship funders but has insufficient resources to provide scholarships to all the students who deserve them. We invite partners who share our vision and ideals to join our partnership and support Haredi degree students. With your help, we can ease the financial burden of these economically vulnerable Haredi students, supporting the brightest candidates from the Haredi community in becoming qualified teachers.

The tuition costs for our BA and MA Education degree programs vary, depending on the number of courses that each individual student must complete.

Typical B.Ed. program cost: $4,850 per student

Typical M.Ed. program cost: $4,150 per student per academic year

Click here for information about the Herzog College Scholarship Fund for non-Haredi students.

Torah Education for Haredi Women at Herzog College

Herzog College’s Women’s Advanced Study Programs are breaking new ground in the realm of Women’s Torah scholarship. These programs promote the female voice in halachic discourse through coursework and publication of schlolarly articles, and offer serious Talmud and Torah studies on a high academic level for professional ultra-orthodox women, including a Masters’ degree in Jewish Education.

Click here to read about our Midreshet Orot program for Haredi women at Hechal Shlomo.

For more information about these exciting dedication opportunities, or to discuss capital development projects at Herzog College, please contact our Director of Strategic Development, Avydan Bader at  or call +972-52-464-6614.


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