Teacher Training

Israel's Leading Teacher Training College

Herzog College is the world’s leading Jewish teacher training college, providing fully accredited academic degree programs in both Jewish and secular subjects, with a firm commitment to Jewish and Zionist values.

Herzog College’s 30,000+ alumni stand at the front of the classrooms in a wide range of secular, pluralistic, religious and ultra-Orthodox schools, or work in school administration or as policy makers in Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Our teacher training programs include:

  • Bachelors’ and Masters degrees in Education with  concentrations in both Jewish and general education subjects including Hebrew Language, Bible Studies, Jewish Philosophy, History, Science, English, Math, and Computer Science.
  • Educational Leadership Programs click here for details 
  • Gvanim and Meitarim teacher training programs that build bridges between religious and secular communities.
  • Teaching degree programs for Haredi men and women to equip them with professional qualifications.
  • Beit Midrash programs for women, empowering them to strengthen their Jewish literacy through the study of Torah and Talmud texts.
  • Midreshet Otot advanced Torah learning program for women.
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