International Center for Jewish Heritage at Hechal Shlomo

Hechal Shlomo in Jerusalem is home to the International Jewish Heritage Center, Herzog College’s Master’s Degree programs, and an array of adult education and other special initiatives enjoyed by tens of thousands of Jerusalem residents, visitors, and IDF soldiers each year.

  • Herzog College’s Masters in Education degree programs
  • Boker Limud morning study sessions open to the public in Bible and Jewish Thought led by Herzog’s most sought-after lecturers.
  • The Menahem Prywes Memorial Auditorium seats 700 for lectures, theater, concerts, and other cultural events. The auditorium is dedicated in memory of Menahem Prywes, a young Zionist hero who was brutally killed by British police in 1940 during peaceful protests against the White Paper.
  • Gvanim and Meitarim teacher training programs that build bridges between religious and secular communities.
  • Tour guide training courses certifying teachers to lead school groups on educational field trips and outings, as well as Ministry of Tourism accredited guiding courses for Haredi and religious students.
  • Otot, a groundbreaking Talmud learning program for Haredi women with a complementary study program of Jewish thought and Jewish law. Otot also includes a one-of-a-kind daf yomi program.
  • A range of Batei Midrash programs for women, community learning, Land of Israel Studies, and exploration of social and communal themes.

Click here to read more in Hebrew about Herzog’s continuing education opportunities in Jerusalem.