Established in 1973 in Gush Etzion, Herzog has grown in size and impact, and includes thriving college campuses in Jerusalem, Alon Shvut and Migdal Oz.

Herzog Academic College is one of Israel’s largest and most established teacher’s colleges, with more than 3,500 students enrolled in B.Ed., M.Ed., and professional development courses. Our digital pedagogy experts also create and deliver innovative web-based educational platforms to teach and inspire the next generation.

Israel’s best and brightest future teachers choose Herzog College because of its reputation for excellence in teacher training in a wide variety of subject areas. As the college continues to grow significantly, its campus library facilities and classroom buildings are no longer large enough to meet current and future needs. In response, Herzog College is expanding its campuses and libraries, continuing to develop new spaces and learning environments.

International Center for Jewish Heritage, Central Jerusalem Campus

Hechal Shlomo is an international historical landmark building in the center of Jerusalem. It is home to Herzog College’s Masters in Education programs; teacher training courses for Haredi teachers; training courses for tour guides; Beit Midrash programs for students, for women, and for the wider community; and external studies programs for Jerusalem residents and visitors. Read more about these programs.

The 300-seat Prywes Auditorium was recently refurbished as one of Jerusalem’s largest theater spaces, used for lectures, concerts and other performances in conjunction with the Jerusalem Municipality. The building also houses the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art and the historic Ramchal Synagogue. Read about our exciting plans for the refurbishment of the Hechal Shlomo Library.

Alon Shvut Campus

Every year, 600 male students study toward their academic degrees at the Alon Shvut Campus of Herzog College in Gush Etzion. These future teachers come from all over Israel and have the highest average entrance examination grades of any teaching college in the country. The campus includes 26 classrooms and expanded learning spaces for special events.

Migdal Oz Campus

Currently, 740 female students are studying toward their academic degrees at Herzog College’s Migdal Oz campus in Gush Etzion. Its 21 classrooms are at overflow capacity, and plans are in place to add a new 5,400 square foot pre-fabricated building with 8 new classrooms, dedicated in memory of Irving Moskowitz z”l.

Dedication Opportunities on Herzog College Campuses

We invite those who share our vision and ideals to join us in supporting these Capital Development Projects, to upgrade and expand our classrooms to meet increasing demand, and to expand the Herzog College libraries on our campuses.

Current opportunities include:

  • 15 spaces within the Hechal Shlomo Campus in Jerusalem
  • 10 classrooms on the Alon Shvut Campus
  • 7 learning spaces on the Migdal Oz Campus

Tax-deductible gifts can be made in the US, UK and Israel.

  • Dedicate a Classroom: $50,000
  • Dedicate a Lecture Hall: $75,000
  • Dedicate an Auditorium: $100,000

To discuss these opportunities and other capital development projects at Herzog College, please contact our Director of Strategic Development, Avydan Bader at  or call +972-52-464-6614.

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