About Herzog Global

Herzog Global provides innovative online resources for Jewish education, as well as professional development opportunities for teachers, principals, and administrators in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.

Herzog’s professional development offerings include:

  • Rimonim International Teacher Training Program for Judaic Studies teachers
  • Worldwide in-person and web-based teacher training seminars
  • Certificate granting teacher training programs
  • Training programs in Hebrew, English, Spanish, and French

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Online Resources for Jewish Education

Online Resources For Jewish Education

Herzog Global is the premier provider of online tools and resources for Jewish educators and students alike.  We invite you to explore our range of resources and to let us know which tools you utilize.

Herzog’s online resources for teachers, parents, and students:

  • Hatanakh.com is “the Google of the Bible” where biblical texts come alive with coded maps and multi-media tools for hands-on interactive study and exploration.
  • Da’at is the internet’s most comprehensive Hebrew resource for Judaism and education, with half a million visitors per month.
  • Hayinu K’cholmim is a gamified Tanakh learning app for Hebrew, Spanish, and English speaking middle school children.
  • Lev La’Da’at, a joint venture between Herzog College and the Israeli Education Ministry, helps teachers plan more meaningful and relevant lessons for their students.
  • Herzog’s YouTube Channel includes hundreds of shiurim from distinguished lecturers on a wide variety of subjects taught at the college and the annual Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh.

Rimonim: Training Diaspora Educators

Herzog College’s Rimonim International Teacher Training Program for Judaic Studies teachers, comprises a two year course of online study, classroom mentoring, and an experiential summer seminar in Israel. Graduates receive a Teaching Certificate for Diaspora Educators in conjunction with the Israeli Ministry of Education.

This highly subsidized program is currently being offered in Spanish and English. Academic level coursework includes Bible and Talmud Studies, Jewish History, techno-pedagogy, and 21st Century Educational Challenges.

If you are a Jewish Studies teacher seeking formal training or looking to raise your game, or a Jewish school principal or department head looking for a highly subsidized professional program for your Judaic Studies staff, contact RimonimE@herzog.ac.il or fill in this questionnaire and a member of the Herzog Global team will get back to you.