Tanakh Initiative

Herzog’s Global Tanakh Initiative

The Tanakh is more than a book of Jewish history. It’s the story of every Jew, and every Jew is part of the story.

Herzog’s Tanakh Initiative is bringing the Tanakh back into the life of every Jew in a relevant and enjoyable way utilizing the latest technology:

  • HaTanakh.com websites in Hebrew, English, and Spanish
  • Interactive maps and timelines to tour biblical and modern Israel
  • Gamified learning apps to engage today’s schoolchildren
  • Academic-level articles and audio and video shiurim on every aspect of Tanakh
  • Expanding the annual Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh for the global audience

These tools, and others currently under development, are a gateway to connect all Jews באשר הוא – wherever they are – to our shared history and future.

Taking it to the Next Level

Herzog College is building on the success of our Tanakh Initiative to create the world’s leading center for the study and dissemination of Tanakh. We are seeking partners who share our commitment to Tanakh Education to help us take the Tanakh Initiative to the next level, with:

  • French, Russian, German, and Amharic HaTanakh.com websites which will bring Tanakh learning to hundreds of thousands more Jews around the world.
  • Major expansion of original content on HaTanakh.com websites.
  • Customized surfing experience on HaTanakh.com websites will deliver the most relevant material to each visitor.
  • Development of a Tanakh Time Machine, based on our innovative map technology for an online or onsite VR experience.
  • Creation of online Tanakh courses in a variety of languages

Your support of the Tanakh Initiative at Herzog College will ensure that the story of the Jewish People – past, present and future – will remain eternal.

Contact friends@herzog.ac.il for more information

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