The Tanakh Initiative of Herzog College exists to bring Tanakh learning to hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world, in their own language and in the most accessible format.  

The Tanakh is more than a book of Jewish history. It’s the story of every Jew, and every Jew is part of the story. Herzog College’s Tanakh Initiative is bringing the Tanakh back into the life of every Jew in a relevant and enjoyable way utilizing the latest technology:

These tools, and others currently under development, are a gateway to connect everyone, everywhere, anytime, to our shared history and future.

Tanakh Herzog: The Next Level

Herzog College and our international education team at Herzog Global are expanding our Tanakh Initiative to create the world’s leading center for the study and dissemination of Tanakh. We are seeking partners who share our commitment to Tanakh Education to help us take the Tanakh Initiative to the next level, with:

Your support of the Tanakh Initiative at Herzog College will ensure that the story of the Jewish People – past, present and future – will remain eternal.

You are invited to contact for more information about how you can get involved with the Herzog College Tanakh intiative.

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