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Herzog College is partnering with Yeshiva University’s scholars and publishing house to produce a bilingual journal of Biblical Studies.

Herzog College has published the Megadim Journal of Biblical Studies in Hebrew for the past 35 years, sharing its articles on the Tvunot section of the Herzog College website and on the HaTanakh.com website. 

The Fall 2021 Megadim Journal includes a section in English, added in partnership with Yeshiva University Press and featuring three articles from Yeshiva University scholars. Prof. Moshe Sokolow from the Azrieli School of Education writes about “How (Not) to Teach the Akeidah”. Chaya Stein-Weiss from Stern College contributed an article about “R. Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Sojourn in Ashkenaz: Melting Pot or Multi-Cultural Experience?” Dr.  
Chaya Sima Koenigsberg’s article in the Journal is entitled: “Accounting for Tradition: Calculations in the Commentary of R. Eleazar of Worms to Esther.” The Journal also includes five scholarly articles by Herzog College academics in Hebrew.  

In his introduction to the 60th issue, Rabbi Dr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Reiss, Head of Biblical Studies at Herzog College, welcomed the partnership with Yeshiva University as broadening Herzog’s Tanakh resources and their reach throughout the English-speaking world. This chimes with Herzog’s expanding role in offering professional development to teachers in Jewish communities worldwide, in cooperation with academic and Torah institutions overseas. He writes: “We are pleased that this issue of Megadim is appearing as a bilingual issue, … and hope that Megadim will continues to play a significant role in disseminating novel Torah ideas to a constituency that values Tanakh study, in Israel and around the world.”

You can read all the articles from the 60th issue of Megadim here (in Hebrew and in English), and access all the back issues (in Hebrew) here.

































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