The third bilingual issue of the Herzog College Megadim Journal has been published in English and Hebrew, containing articles by Biblical Studies academics from Israel and the United States.

This is the 62nd Hebrew issue of the Megadim Journal of Biblical Studies published by Herzog College’s Tvunot publishing house over the past 37 years, and the third bilingual issue. The journal is available to purchase for 50 NIS from Herzog College, and its articles are also available online.

Megadim has been kindly sponsored by Leeba Salzman in memory of her late husband Joel Salzman ז”ל, who valued and cherished all aspects of Torah learning.  To commemorate his legacy, Joel’s family established a special scholarship initiative in his name, encouraging all aspects of Tanakh study and writing. Students and lecturers were invited to submit their articles for this and future publications of Megadim. The winning essay by Yair Rahat is published in this issue.

The Winter 2023 Megadim Journal includes two articles in English. Surgical dermatologist Dr. Aton Holzer from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, contributed an article about a historical lawsuit against “all the Jews of the world” for reparations for the plunder that the Israelites borrowed and stole from the Egyptians during the Exodus. Many classical commentators dispense with this claim as reparations for generations of slavery, but Dr. Holzer’s article also addresses the wider issue of morality in the Bible.

The second English-language article by Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Beasley, who teaches at the Hesder Yeshiva Lev Hatorah, examines the final speech of the prophet Micah (chapter 7) and its textual connections with Exodus 15 – the Song of the Sea. There is also an extended book review in English of the Koren Tanakh of the Land of Israel: Samuel volume by Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom from Los Angeles.

The 62nd issue of Megadim also includes six scholarly articles in Hebrew by Dr. Yoav Barzilay, Dr. Moti Benmelech and Rabbi Dr. Yosef Marcus from Herzog College; Yair Rahat from Yeshivat Har Etzion; Hakham Dr. Hezi Cohen from Yeshivat Ma’ale Gilboa; and Dr. Yaron Zilbershtein from Hemdat College.

You can read all the articles from the 62nd issue of Megadim here (in Hebrew and in English)
and access all the back issues of the Megadim Journal of Biblical Studies here.

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