Ten Jewish Studies teachers from Jewish high schools in London visited Herzog College last week, as part of a continuing education program organized by the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) and the Partnership for Jewish Schools (PaJeS).

During the three-hour visit, Rabbi Dr. Shalom Berger, Director of English Language Programming at Herzog College, gave them a tour of the Alon Shvut campus and introduced them to #HerzogGlobal’s educational technology products, including #HaTanakh.com and Herzog’s gamified Tanakh learning app #HayyinuKeholmim. Librarian David Odes showed them some of the games and programs developed in the Herzog College Pedagogical Library. Ariel Erani, Director of Herzog Global, spoke to them about the possibility of participating in the Rimonim teacher training program, and about introducing some of Herzog’s innovations into the UK’s Jewish schools.

The teachers were excited by their visit and took home materials and examples to share with their colleagues. The UK program coordinators expressed great interest in the various developments and hope to establish a collaborative project between Herzog College and PaJes/LSJS as part of their curriculum planning process for the next academic year.

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