Herzog College is working with Israel’s Ministry of Education to recruit promising high school graduates to train as English and science teachers.

In an exciting new venture, Herzog College is partnering with the Agudah L’Hidnadvut Sherut Leumi agency to launch a new Atuda (excellence) course, combining two years of National Service with a degree in the teaching of English or science.

It is designed to encourage bright high school graduates to train and work as English or science teachers, by enabling them to acquire a teaching degree while carrying out their National Service in a school. Herzog College and the Michlalah Jerusalem College are the only two colleges offering this Atuda option to young women, as a great opportunity for proficient English speakers who want to combine meaningful National Service with career development.

Here for the Year Israel Fair

Alongside the recruitment campaign in schools throughout Israel, Herzog College is also offering this opportunity to new and potential olim. Dr. Lindsey Shapiro-Steinberg, head of Herzog’s English department, recently presented this opportunity at the “Here Next Year” Israel Fair sponsored by Nefesh B’Nefesh. She met with many young women who are currently studying in seminary programs in Israel, considering aliyah, and looking for good career and Sherut Leumi options. The combined Atuda program will enable them to study in English while simultaneously improving their Hebrew by volunteering in Israeli schools.

Herzog College is also offering a double-major degree in English and Special Education, and from October 2023 the college will start an all-English single-major education degree (B.Ed. in English Teaching). This focused program will equip tomorrow’s English teachers with even higher levels of language proficiency, stronger teaching skills, and greater familiarity with literature and linguistics.

At the same time, Herzog College has a fast-track retraining course for anyone who already has an academic degree. They can earn a teaching certificate in two years and join the English teaching profession, enabling them to teach in public or private schools and also tutor children privately for extra income.

Dr. Shapiro-Steinberg is excited by the college’s role in helping plug the teacher recruitment gap in Israel. She says: “We are reaching out to native English speakers – both immigrants and their children – and inviting them to become part of the English empowerment movement. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the education of Israel’s children to become fluent English speakers, empowering them to participate actively in the global community, enhance the success of our nation, and build better futures for all.”

For more information about the English degree programs at Herzog College, please visit www.herzog.ac.il/en/BEd. To find out about the Sherut Leumi Atuda Program, contact Dina at 02-993-7337 or email rishum@herzog.ac.il

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