Herzog College is hosting an online conference to help Israel’s teachers prepare for the day after Corona. The event includes a concert by Yonatan Razel and Akiva in appreciation of the teachers’ extraordinary efforts during the past year.

The event will feature 37 lecturers from the field of education, including many of Herzog College’s leading educators, with workshops and sessions on contemporary pedagogy. One topic that will be addressed is the continued use of online learning techniques once students return to the classroom. There will be a discussion on the involvement of parents and the community in reinforcing educational goals and messages, and how teachers can incorporate social and emotional factors in their teaching of different subjects.

Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Brandes, President of Herzog College, explains: “This event recognizes that the world has changed in the past year, and the impact of the pandemic on education will likely not be rolled back. Relationships between teachers and students, between the students, and with technology, have all changed dramatically, and this Conference will examine how educators can take these positive impacts forward into the post-Corona era.”

The online event will take place on Tuesday afternoon February 9. It has been organized by Herzog’s pedagogy experts together with Hemed (Israel’s education authority for the religious sector), Yesodot, and Lev L’Daat.

The event will be in Hebrew and educators can sign up to participate at edu.herzog.ac.il

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