During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Herzog College was one of many Israeli institutions that stepped up to help Jews in the Diaspora who were struggling to cope with lockdown.

“We recognize that this pandemic is particularly difficult for grandparents who are shielding and unable to visit their families and spend time with their grandchildren”, explained Rabbi Yehuda Aaronson, Vice President of Strategic Development at Herzog College. “We wanted to provide a useful resource that would help Jewish families around the world to stay connected at this challenging time. We brainstormed the problem and came up with the Herzog College Grandparent Chat Project  Mi’Dor L’Dor – to give parents and grandparents ideas for productive conversations with their grandchildren based on Parshat Hashavua.”

Working with the expert educators from the Herzog Global team, Herzog College put together a weekly email package of Torah sources and contemporary stories around the weekly Torah reading, with questions and discussion points for children of different ages. The idea is to encourage grandparents not only to learn an idea from the Parsha with their grandchildren, but also to open up opportunities for personal conversations about their own life experiences. It is designed to engage children in grades 2–5, but it can be used for conversations with the whole family.

The Herzog College Grandparent Package is sent each week by email to everyone who signs up for it, free of charge. To sign up, visit https://herzog.activetrail.biz/Mi’Dor-L’Dor

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