The Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation

In 2018, The Leonian Multimedia Studio, located on Herzog’s Alon Shvut campus, was renovated and upgraded thanks to a 5-year grant from the Leonian Foundation.

Dr. and Mrs. Noach Prywes in memory of Menahem Prywes, z”l

The auditorium at Hechal Shlomo was dedicated and renovated in memory of Noach’s brother Menahem Prywes z’l – a passionate advocate of renewed Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel. At age 17, Menahem was brutally killed by British police for protesting the White Paper limiting Jewish settlement in Palestine in 1940.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation

The Irving Moskowitz Classroom Building on Herzog’s Migdal Oz campus for women will be erected and dedicated in 2020 in memory of Dr. Irving Moskowitz, z’l.

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