Education for the Day After Corona

After Corona Conference

Herzog College is hosting an online conference to help Israel’s teachers prepare for the day after Corona. The event includes a concert by Yonatan Razel and Akiva in appreciation of the teachers’ extraordinary efforts during the past year. The event will feature 37 lecturers from the field of education, including many of Herzog College’s leading […]

Parsha Resources for Grandparents

Since June 2020, Herzog College’s global education team has been creating free Torah resources to inspire weekly conversations between grandparents and grandchildren. These pages of Torah sources, ideas, and stories are intended for discussion with children in 2nd to 5th grade, based on conversations about ethical issues and grandparents’ own life experiences. Billed as “The […]

Herzog College: Leading the Renaissance at Hechal Shlomo

Hechal Shlomo new auditorium

Herzog College is proud to be restoring Hechal Shlomo to its former glory. “62 years after its opening, Hechal Shlomo is reassuming its position as an international center of Jewish study and heritage for Jews in Israel and around the world. Once again, Torah is going forth from Hechal Shlomo.” Click here to read the […]

Training Tomorrow’s Online Teachers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Like many higher education colleges around the world, Herzog College is gearing up for the new academic year with online learning for the 3,500 teacher trainees in its B.Ed. and M.Ed. programs. The school’s lecturers are embracing the positive opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has created for tomorrow’s teachers. With much education now taking place […]

An Educator’s New Year Resolutions

Rosh Hashanah is the traditional season for Jewish New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts. I vividly recall opening up a new notebook at the beginning of every school year, excited at the opportunity to start fresh and get it right this year. To keep my writing neat, stay up to date with my schoolwork, and […]

Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh 2020 | 5780

COVID-19 has forced many live events online, and Herzog College embraced this opportunity to share its annual Tanakh conference with a huge international audience. 11,000 people attended 70 lectures and virtual tours of Tanakh sites around Israel screened around the world in Hebrew and in English free of charge. Some of the Hebrew lectures were […]

Connecting the Generations Through the Parsha

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Herzog College was one of many Israeli institutions that stepped up to help Jews in the Diaspora who were struggling to cope with lockdown. “We recognize that this pandemic is particularly difficult for grandparents who are shielding and unable to visit their families and spend time with […]

London Teachers Visit Herzog College

Ten Jewish Studies teachers from Jewish high schools in London visited Herzog College last week, as part of a continuing education program organized by the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) and the Partnership for Jewish Schools (PaJeS). During the three-hour visit, Rabbi Dr. Shalom Berger, Director of English Language Programming at Herzog College, gave […]